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Dream home with a dream view: Family home

A young family has built an unusual house in Horw that reflects the residents' personality and enables flexible room utilization thanks to sliding solutions.

A modern residential house in an elevated location with breath-taking views of Lake Lucerne and the surrounding mountains blends in harmoniously with the more rural neighboring buildings. The two architects, Valentino Marchisella and Caspar Wellmann, had to ensure that the outer shell with a facade of Bakelite panels complied fully with the strict design regulations applicable to the rural housing zone of Horw – saddle roof, no visible concrete and warm color tones. The inside of the house is characterized by a multi-level room division with a visual orientation to the landscape outside, framing it as if it were painted.

The various levels are linked by a shared connecting level that runs through the whole building.  The architects used HAWA Junior 120 B hardware for the cellar, bedroom and toilet doors as it needs very little installation height and is ideal for the tight dimensions. Seals were installed top and bottom together with a grooved stop to meet the strict noise insulation requirements. The doors are easy to lock thanks to the HAWA-Silent-Stop bar bolt lock assembly as the locking mechanism is integrated in the top track. The sliding solutions designed by the architects also fulfilled the building owner's wish for an open room layout that can be used flexibly in accordance with the phase of life and size of the family.

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