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  • Furniture design of tomorrow.

    Functionality and aesthetics are decisive quality criteria for evaluating a furniture item – and sliding systems enhance both. The furniture fittings from Hawa Sliding Solutions AG are perfect for bringing creative and durable cabinet concepts to life.

Hawa products “On furniture”: Hardware for sliding furniture doors

Sliding solutions on furniture offer great potential for creativity and elegance. Whether on a stylish kitchen cabinet, extravagant sideboard, practical dressing room or robust office furniture: sliding doors reveal new options for furniture designers. The sliding door hardware for furniture from Hawa Sliding Solutions AG meets the highest standards for quality, convenience and versatility.

From furniture to jewelry.

  • Many different sliding types (sliding, folding sliding, pivot/folding sliding, pull out)
  • Simple operation and installation of sliding door hardware
  • High material and design quality of the furniture fittings
  • Nearly invisible technology: Where the focus is on design of sliding doors on cabinets
  • For wooden and glass sliding doors of various weight classes
  • Furniture fittings for Forslide, Inslide or Mixslide designs

Sliding types on furniture

Sliding – doors with flexible installation

Up to three sliding doors on cabinets can be moved in linear (as well as symmetrical and telecopic) fashion with minimal force. This enables maximum design flexibility.

Sliding – flush-fitting doors

Flush-fitting cabinet doors can be easily pulled out in a single flowing movement and then pushed to one side above each other.

Pivot sliding

Slide-in door systems have cabinet doors that can be pivoted to one side and slid into a narrow niche. This offers access to the furniture across its entire width.

Pivot folding

Flush-fitting double-leaf cabinet fronts can be folded to the side and hid away in a nearly invisible parking niche.

Folding sliding

Wooden cabinet walls can be folded up and freely slid one way or the other, or parked to the side.

Pull out

Tall cabinets can both remain stable and offer a pull out on one or both sides.

Advantages of sliding doors on furniture

Sliding saves space.

Every square centimeter is valuable. Compared to hinged doors, sliding furniture doors occupy hardly any space when open.

Sliding creates versatility.

Slide-in door systems especially are true masters of transformation, making single-line kitchens and home offices disappear in no time and magically making them reappear. Needless to say, this further enhances flexibility of room use.

Sliding meets the highest design standards.

Many sliding solutions enable flush-fitting cabinet fronts with nearly invisible technology, making every piece of furniture into a design highlight.

Applications and designs of sliding doors on furniture

Enhance kitchens with slide-in doors

Slide-in door systems make single-line kitchens disappear: bringing order in a flash, in the form of harmonious front kitchen panels.

L-shaped sliding doors on furniture

Sideboards with L-shaped sliding element feature extravagance as standard.

Flush-fitting wardrobes

Flush-fitting cabinet fronts convey a harmonious and complete frontal look, for a highly elegant effect.

Transformable walls for living areas

Flexibly slideable elements on highboards and walls leave room for exceptional design.

Flexible home office

No extra room to work from? Simply transform your closet into a home office with pivot and folding/sliding doors.

Fully opening furniture

Certain sliding solutions, such as the Hawa Frontino or Hawa Concepta family, enable access to the furniture across its entire width. This makes drawers exceptionally simple to integrate.