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Product inspiration

Our extensive product portfolio enables us to find the right sliding solution for almost any problem. We would like to present some highlights that particularly inspire our customers.

Hawa Junior Acoustics

More privacy in everyday life 

Sliding doors with sound attenuation – a combination for new perspectives in interior design and quality of life. Home office, dense building with smaller living spaces and the trend towards open spaces mean that people are moving closer together in modern everyday life. The demand for personal quiet zones is therefore increasing. Hawa Junior Acoustics does not only provide effective sound attenuation, but also keeps out odors, drafts and light.

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Hawa Junior 100

Convenience at a new level

With its innovative magnetic soft closing system and opening forces of less than 22 N, the Hawa Junior 100 enables fully accessible opening of sliding doors. And thanks to its invisibly integrated hardware it flexibly meets all expectations for refined interior design

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Hawa Porta 60/100 HMT

The all-rounder now has even more to offer

Thanks to push-to-open operation, it ensures easy opening and closing of the sliding door. At the same time it enables elegant designs without handles on the front for wall pocket solutions.

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Hawa Frontslide

The Hawa Frontslide hardware for sliding shutters gives architects and designers the ability to combine the external advantages of a building with impressive internal values. The sliding shutters bring the appearance of the façade to life with their cheerful basic character and wide range of movements, and can be implemented in materials which are optimally integrated in the architectural concept.

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Hawa Frontfold

Shutters that invite you to: slide, fold, and enjoy

If façades are the face of a house, then the Hawa Frontfold 30 are the designer sunglasses that protect it, transform it, and invite admiring glances. This fitting allows shutters to be easily moved and folded to be parked at a 90-degree angle to the window front. This results in a fascinating, lively façade appearance on the outside. And inside, the incidence of light can be perfectly aligned with the room situation and the needs of the residents.

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Hawa Concepta

The Hawa Concepta and Hawa Folding Concepta pivot/slide-in and pivot and folding/slide-in fittings combine multi-functionality and interior design.

With easy and quiet pivoting, folding and sliding in, the home office, the walk-in wardrobe or the kitchen can be conjured up out of the wall as if from nowhere – or made to disappear again.

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Hawa Combino

Realizing cabinets with wooden doors in 16 different designs with a single fitting system: Made possible by Hawa Combino. Because this versatile fitting system has been completely redesigned in accordance with the rulebook of the art of sliding.

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Hawa Suono

Mute the sounds of everyday life. Made possible by the innovative sliding door with soundproofing for up to 39 dB.

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