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Satisfaction guarantee

A stay at a restaurant or hotel should always be an experience. Sliding technology allows you to make improvements which provide satisfaction and added value from guest to employee, from hotel room to lobby, and from the event area to the spa and fitness zone.

Sliding applications in the hotel industry and gastronomy

Leading companies from the hotel, gastronomy and events industries combine their distinctive service mentality with high expectations of the design quality and cost-effectiveness of their operations.

Attractiveness and functionality have to be guaranteed in every detail of a room, restaurant or meeting zone in order to be competitive and financially successful.

Flexible use of space and rooms, support from cleaning and maintenance, freedom from barriers, elegance and reliability in the event of intensive and frequent use. The number of challenges for sliding applications in rooms and on furniture are many and varied. Our sliding solutions therefore have the right response to any requirement or question.

As an innovative leader we are in a position to quickly recognize emerging design trends and turn them into solid, reliable and long lasting sliding solutions. In this way we make extremely specific and made-to-measure interior design solutions possible, and endow hotels with character and uniqueness.