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Finally a sliding shutter that understands your building

Modern homes are doing more and more work for their owners and users. And now we are reaching a new stage of evolution. Thanks to a world première from Hawa Sliding Solutions, it is possible for the first time to combine the many benefits of a high-quality automatic sliding shutter directly with the building automation via an SMI interface. The Hawa Frontslide 60 Matic with SMI drive not only makes a significant contribution to the energy efficiency of a building; but also for the well-being of the people who live and work there.

Sliding shutters without a dark side

With the Hawa Frontslide 60 Matic, architects and house owners are putting their faith in a sliding shutter in the special class. It brightens up house façades with materials from wood to metal to plastic. It allows symmetrical as well as telescopic systems. And with its brushless drive, it runs almost silently and completely maintenance-free. This system sets exciting design accents and ensures a harmonious façade appearance at all times with the uniformly positioned sliding shutters. Wind, weather, or salty coastal air will not take a Hawa Frontslide off course. And all of these advantages can now be easily combined with a building control system.

 “Sliding shutters integrated into the building control system: There is nothing better that could happen to a façade.”

The revolutionary SMI interface fits in perfectly with the convenience and functionality that otherwise characterize the Hawa Frontslide 60 Matic. It controls 16 drives with just one actuator and thus saves valuable space in the junction box. It simplifies maintenance and remote diagnosis through precise status and error messages. And it can be seamlessly and easily integrated into common field bus systems.

Smarter living, better living.

With the Hawa Frontslide 60 Matic and its SMI interface, the sliding shutters can be flexibly adjusted to the position of the sun. In this way, they protect against excessive heating and create lighting situations that are optimally adapted to the time of day. This increases the well-being in the home, increases the performance in the workplace and improves the energy efficiency of the building. This innovative system is suited just as well in upscale residential construction as it is in hotels and resorts, commercial and administrative buildings, or clinics and retirement homes.

Buildings and sliding shutters can finally communicate with each other. When would you like to chat about it?

Advantages at a glance

⦁ Control of 16 drives with just one actuator thanks
   to SMI interface, can be integrated in field bus
⦁ Sliding shutters can be made symmetrical and
   telescopic with different materials

⦁ Particularly quiet, maintenance-free drive with an
   interface to building automation
⦁ Optimized individual use of daylight
⦁ Automated function control and fault diagnosis

⦁ More room in the junction box
⦁ Increases energy efficiency in the building

⦁ Harmonious façade appearance thanks to uniform
   positioning of the sliding shutters
⦁ Convertible, living façade with interesting design

⦁ Extremely robust sliding shutter that has been
   tested for 100,000 cycles
⦁ High resistance to wind and corrosion

Product range
On buildings
Hospitality, Corporate, Residential, Health, Retail, Education