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First place in the ASCO economiesuisse Award 2019

The two sister companies Hawa and EKU announced their merger in the spring of 2017 under the slogan "Achieving more together, worldwide", creating Hawa Sliding Solutions. As the global technology and market leader for sliding solutions in rooms and on furnishings, the company groups the largest range of convenient sliding solutions in a single enterprise. The merger clearly got everything right, as reflected in the two awards gained by HAWA Suono, the revolutionary sliding door solution with soundproofing. A unique innovation on the market, it actively contributes to the success of sales and trade partners. It also recently won first prize at the ASCO economiesuisse Award 2019. This award distinguishes projects that have generated "substantial added value” for companies. Hawa Sliding Solutions was declared the winner in this respect in the "Best Business Transformation" category in recognition of the successful corporate merger. The merger of Hawa and EKU generated new impetus in many areas. Numerous synergy effects were cleverly exploited. This creates future security for customers and completely new potential in international competition.

CEOs Gregor and Heinz Haab assess these important events in 2019 as follows: "Following the interzum award and the gold Innovation Prize for HAWA Suono at the HOLZ trade fair in Basel, this is now the third award gained by our company in the current year. Along with being a source of great pride, this also indicates that we’re on a very good course, a course that will see us achieving the ambitious goals for this merger and generating crucial added value for our customers".

The concept behind the merger of the two former Group companies EKU and HAWA has been implemented to date in a targeted and systematic fashion. Ambitious goals have been achieved. More than 90 per cent of planned medium-term synergies have already been realised. These are primarily being used to secure competitiveness and strengthen the company's market position. Initiatives for growth are already contributing significantly to sales. At the award presentation ceremony, Chairman of the Board of Directors Andreas Meyer stated clearly: "It’s anticipated that we’ll achieve 100 per cent in the medium term. As an integrated Swiss enterprise, we’re in an excellent position to face the future".