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HAWA-Junior update: Innovation is part of the tradition

The HAWA-Junior family has been moving sliding doors millions of time all over the world for more than 30 years. The best-seller from Hawa Sliding Solutions has remained young and dynamic with new updates time and time again.

Be it in furniture or on buildings – the HAWA-Junior family is used all over the world in office buildings, shopping centres and exclusive housing complexes. This universal sliding fitting system for doors made from wood, glass and metal is the all-rounder among the many sliding solutions which Hawa Sliding Solutions has developed with suspensions and guiding options suitable for every application imaginable, with clever supplementary parts and plenty of accessories.

Recently, HAWA-Junior 40/80/120 has received another remarkable update for even more convenience and effectiveness. Installation and removal will be even quicker and easier in future with the assembly set for running tracks. This also applies to the much sought-after, trendy wall pocket solution with HAWA-Junior. The assembly set is suitable for integrated and surface-mounted ceiling installation and for wall surface mounting in pockets. The running track can be installed and removed at any time with ease. All components remain invisible and are freely accessible in spite of this. They can bereplaced and extended without problems.

The SoftMove soft closing mechanism gently cushions the sliding door and pulls it to the stop position hydraulically, independently and quietly – added value and convenience. Sliding doors can now be closed in perfect harmony with the overall system – it couldn’t be better. Installation becomes an experience of the comfortable and efficient kind. The new assembly set and SoftMove have now rounded off this comfort and effectiveness campaign in an integrated way. In this way, they have given HAWA-Junior great future prospects.

The assembly set for running tracks will be available from May 1, 2018. The SoftMove soft closing mechanism will be available from September 1, 2018.

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