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Top of the class in flexibility and functionality

New operating advantages, new installation options: The update of Hawa Porta 60/100 HMT, the sliding solution for wall pockets, is a gain for fabricators, designers and users alike.

Hawa Sliding Solutions has given the classic for wall pocket solutions a promising update. It makes the Hawa Porta 60/100 HMT for sliding doors in wall pockets even more flexible and economical to use. Users of this clever extension benefit not only from the new functionality, but also from more comfort in combination with the tried and tested Hawa Porta quality.


Versatile use and quick installation

When it comes to wall pockets or so-called pocket solutions, the Hawa Porta 60/100 HMT offers a practical, economical and easy-to-assemble solution for every building and room situation. With minimal installation dimensions, it can be quickly and easily installed in pockets, on the ceiling, and now even integrated into the ceiling with supreme elegance. Assembly sets allow doing the installation of tracks, fittings, and the tool-less door assembly in the pocket to be carried out when construction is complete. Quick, easy and clean.

The door is installed without tools. If the assembly sets are not being used, the fitting technology can also be retrofitted in the ceiling-integrated solution, using the well-known and tried-and-tested assembly opening. Dirt particles and subsequent reworking are largely avoided. There is a ceiling integration profile for concealed running tracks, allowing the running track and ceiling elements to be connected neatly and efficiently. All of this helps shorten assembly times and saves time and money.

Delicate design with Push-to-open comfort

The Hawa Porta 100 HMT for wooden doors weighing up to 100 kg stands out with even more comfort for opening and closing thanks to an innovative new Push-to-open operation with self closing mechanism. On the one hand, it ensures that the door is gently braked and pulled closed, and on the other hand, it brings the door out of the pocket with a gentle tap. High performance running gears with precision ball bearings and roller guides made from adhesive plastic ensure a smooth and quiet movement

In the Hawa Porta 60 HMT for wooden doors weighing up to 60 kg, a tried and tested spring buffer provides the necessary assistance. In the future, handles on the door edge of pocket solutions can be completely omitted in both versions. In combination with the invisible technology integrated in the running track, this makes elegant top design constructions with an extremely harmonious appearance possible.

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