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Glass opens new doors: Three new glass sliding solutions 

Three impressive, new sliding solutions for a brilliant building material. Rooms which are flooded with daylight are fascinating. And they make people feel good. Transparent or translucent, durable and stable in value, and also insulating and recyclable according to type, it has proven its worth as a building material right from day one.

Three glass sliding solutions from Hawa Sliding Solutions have now paved the way to rethinking about this type of interior design in a flexible way without compromising the light effect and the spatial impact.

Fully accessible glass door opening

With the new Hawa Junior 100 GP and Hawa Junior 100 GP Pocket systems, for the first time glass sliding solutions are available which even fulfil the criteria for fully accessible opening in conjunction with an innovative magnetic soft closing system and high-quality rollers. This makes it possible to move doors weighing up to 100 kg with minimal force of just 22 N. Installation is effortless, reliable and quick thanks to the high degree of prefabrication and the well-tried features.

For the Hawa Junior 100 with soft closing system, Hawa Sliding Solutions offers a unique 15-year performance unique guarantee for private use, and 7 years for commercial use, with the incomparably low opening forces of a maximum of 22 N.

Pocket solutions for nudging

The new Hawa Porta 100 GMT Pocket moves glass doors weighing up to 100 kilograms out of the pocket with a gentle tap. Efficient movement assistance is provided across the entire sliding procedure thanks to the Push-to-open design with a self closing mechanism. This also makes it possible to dispense with handles on the front, meaning that the glass door completely disappears into the wall pocket. 


Hawa Junior 100 GP

The Hawa Junior 100 provides the best arguments for upgrading the design of interior rooms with glass structures. 

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Hawa Porta 100 GMT Pocket 

The Hawa Porta 100 GMT Pocket is now also outstanding as a sliding solution for wall pockets with its well-known practicality, cost-effectiveness and versatility.

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