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Art and culture in Feldkirch: Montforthaus

The Montforthaus presents itself as a modern and inviting culture and congress center in the old town of Feldkirch (Austria). It looks back on an eventful past: As early as 1926, this was the site of the Feldkirch “Volkshalle”, which served, among other things, as a cinema and exhibition hall. In 1973, the building burned to the ground, was then rebuilt, and then again demolished and redesigned in 2013.

The Berlin architects, Hascher Jehle, were commissioned to convert the Montforthaus into a bright and modern new building. The vivid and fluid building contour with large window fronts creates a dialogue between the inside and outside. On the one hand, the heart of the house – the main hall – becomes visible from the outside and the “inner life” can be experienced by passers-by; on the other hand, the city panorama becomes the backdrop.

The front of the cafeteria on the ground floor also follows the fluid contours of the façade. For this purpose, curved wooden elements were made by the Plattner joinery. To open the bar area during events, molded sliding elements can be moved sideways and stacked. The system runs on Hawa Aperto 40 F hardware, which have been slightly modified for the curved sliding solution. Whether opened or closed, the cafeteria now fits perfectly into the overall picture of the building.

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Hawa Aperto
Plattner carpentry, Hohenems, Austria
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City of Feldkirch, Austria
David Matthiessen