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On furniture, Hawa Concepta

Kitchen design from Italy


    The kitchen as a central hub of daily life – this is the approach adopted by the Italian designers at c+s architects. The pivot/slide-in hardware systems from Hawa Concepta, that are used in their kitchen concept @home, enable the room to be used in many different ways without the overbearing influence of technology.

    "After cooking and eating together with family or friends, you often don't want to leave the kitchen at all, preferring to continue the conversation sitting comfortably with a good glass of wine. In the kitchen @home this is possible without any problems: when you start by opening the cabinet front completely by means of rotary-sliding doors in order to cook, you have a comprehensive and highly functional equipment at your disposal. Once the meal is ready, everything that reminds you of kitchen work disappears into the cabinet, along with dirty dishes - effortlessly and without having to interrupt your meal or conversation. The simplicity of this concept finally allows the kitchen to become a place where people like to sit and enjoy!"

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