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The unique furniture ranges combine the core values of Wackenhut at the highest level. Quality craftsmanship and technical know-how in demanding implementations make bedroom and living room furniture, that meets the highest of design demands and stands out with timeless aesthetics, possible. Hawa Frontino 20, the fitting for flush top or bottom running applications, fulfils these demanding requirements.

Hawa Frontino 20

Hawa Frontino 20 is the flush-fitting hardware solution for design-oriented sliding at sideboards and highboards, and is suitable for creations in modern living rooms, kitchens and office environments.

Hawa Frontino 20 product advantags

  • Flush design – Sliding solution without door offset
  • Extremely convenient operation – Ergonomic opening design and flexible handle arrangement
  • Modern kitchen environments – Top running applications without a groove in the floor
  • Flexible cabinet widths – Track set can be shortened individually, no system drillings
  • Efficient and cost-effective – No cabinet processing required
  • Multi-faceted product range – One hardware system for top and bottom running applications

Flush-fitting design for the highest demands

The casella furniture range impresses with its timeless design, unique aesthetics and clear lines in living rooms and bedrooms. The building blocks of this model consist of simple basic elements, which can be combined with each other in any way. The linear connection of different materials highlights the extraordinary craftsmanship of Wackenhut. The flush-fitting Hawa Frontino fitting underlines the high technical and visual claims of Wackenhut, and provides unlimited design freedom with regard to design. The fitting therefore corresponds with the individual design, which makes the casella furniture product range so unique. The integrated soft close at both sides allows the sliding doors to be opened and closed smoothly and silently. Optimum use can be made of the interior because full use is made of the door opening.

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