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Sliding doors – now with sound attenuation 

Create flexible quiet zones with the new sliding hardware systems Hawa Junior Acoustics and Hawa Porta Acoustics.

Sliding doors now also provide perfect sound attenuation. The new top sliding hardware based on the successful and globally established Hawa Junior and Hawa Porta systems has enhanced the known strengths of sliding doors with a new quality: Effective sound attenuation.

They reduce the noise transmission from room to room by up to 41 dB. They also keep out kitchen odors, bathroom steam, drafts and light incidence with their innovative all-round sealing.

The associated increase in comfort is achieved without aesthetic compromises in design, thanks to integrated, invisible technology.

And this is true in any structural or room situation, since both systems support both wall-mounted and pocket constructions with floor-to-ceiling applications.

Hawa Junior Acoustics

Sliding doors for more privacy: The new Hawa Junior Acoustics combines elegant design with effective sound attenuation.

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Hawa Porta Acoustics

Der Alleskönner unter den Schiebebeschlägen überzeugt immer und überall und kann dank einer optimierten Rundumdichtung auch Schalldämmung.

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