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Welcome to Hawa Solution City

Whether office, hotel, or micro-apartment: In Hawa Solution City, you will meet the living spaces of tomorrow
The world is changing, needs are changing, and that is also directly reflected in the interior design. With a visualization from A to Z of the «Residential», «Hospitality», «Corporate» and «Microliving» segments as part of our «Solution City» project we clearly show how solutions by Hawa Sliding Solutions are responding to current trends. And thus enable and promote modern life, living, and working in large and small rooms.

Rethinking rooms
Whether office, hotel, or micro-apartment: Spatial efficiency and flexibility are indispensable attributes of living spaces of tomorrow. And sliding solutions in a variety of forms are predestined to exploit the full potential of rooms, making them multi-functional. This brings with it a general improvement in the quality of living, working, and even life itself.

Finding fresh ideas on the fly
As we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words. And a 3-D visualization is much more than a conventional image. Embark on a journey of discovery and use the foray through our virtual work and living spaces as an inspiring source for new architectural and design perspectives.

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