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Living above the fog line

The multifamily house with 34 apartments and the associated cube-shaped studio building are located on a hilltop above the picturesque Lake Aegeri, Switzerland. Up the slope, the developed area transitions into open nature and, on the opposite side, you benefit from an excellent view of the lake and the Swiss Alps.

The buildings with their visible concrete structure and the façade elements made of brown wood fit seamlessly into the landscape.

Sliding and folding sliding shutters for shading are integral parts of the façade. When completely closed, they create a harmonious overall picture. With the shutters open, the technical sophistication of the façade becomes apparent: the large windows are shaded by telescopic and symmetrical sliding shutters, the loggias, on the other hand, with folding sliding shutters. This is the best of both worlds: Thanks to the fixed parking space, there is no need for a fall protection for the windows and an unobstructed view of the lake is ensured for the loggias, as they allow an almost completely open front.
That makes the loggias the jewel of the apartments.

The sliding shutters run on the Hawa Frontslide 100 matic hardware; the folding sliding shutters use Hawa Frontfold 20. This hardware can withstand even rough weather conditions and strong winds.

For the architect, Albi Nussbaumer, the solutions by Hawa Sliding Solutions were therefore his first choice because they met his requirements for quality, safety, and aesthetics.

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